Release Notes – May 6 2021


Major Features

  • Plan Management features are now live! Admins can use this interface to upgrade and downgrade their subscription, as well as view invoices and payment details.

Release Notes


  • Requests – Fixed a bug which prevented users from being able to schedule a call off with a window which starts and ends on the same calendar day.
  • Requests – Suppliers now receive an email requesting final invoices after the last call off is completed for a Request.
  • Requests – Users can now click on the call off request details to see a read-only display of a call off request.
  • Projects – Admins can now create a new user directly from the Add Project screen
  • Projects – Added the ability for an Admin user to delete a project from their account.
  • Dashboard – Added an Account Usage visualization to the Renter Dashboard so Admins can keep a close eye on their account usage vs. their plan thresholds.
  • Files – Admin users are now able to delete National Agreement and Insurance Policy files from their account.


  • Inspection – Users now have the ability to add missing Asset Details like Manufacturer, Model, and Serial Number to an asset during a Call Off Inspection.


  • Suppliers – Added 561 new suppliers covering 714 branch locations across the United States.
Sam Giffin
Sam Giffin


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