Release Notes – July 1 2021


Major Features

  • New Reports are now available! Renter users can now pull an Invoice Report to see all invoices from all suppliers for all projects, and a Service Issues Report which highlights service issues and their duration.
  • User Details are now live! Renters and Suppliers can now modify their email address and account details now in real-time via the “My Account” portal within IronUp.

Release Notes


  • Requests – Fixed a bug which allowed the delivery window end time to be before the delivery window start time.
  • Requests – Document a Rental (previously “Add Existing”) has been streamlined so that Renters no longer have to add Rate Multipliers manually and the invoice frequency now defaults to 28 days. 
  • Requests – Added the ability to Add a new Supplier Contact directly from the Document a Rental portal (previously had to leave process to add new contact via Suppliers).


  • Added the Hand Tools category to the equipment database. Choose from among 163 new equipment types running the spectrum of handheld rental tools.

Sam Giffin
Sam Giffin


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