Release Notes – April 7 2021


Major Features

  • The new Reports feature is now live and available for users! Check out our product guides and our product update to learn more!
  • The Invoices interface within the Request workflow for Renters and Suppliers has been improved to intelligently predict invoice periods, and to accept additional data for better cost control and interaction with Renter accounts payable groups.

Release Notes


  • Requests – Renters can now add a Shipping Contact directly to a project through the Add Existing Request interface.
  • Requests – Fixed a bug which caused some call off requests to fail to load if an asset was missing a call off inspection record.
  • Emails – Delivery notifications to Renters and Suppliers are now active and IronUp will email both Renters and Suppliers to remind them of deliveries scheduled for a given day.
  • Emails – Suppliers can now be notified by email when a Renter begins using IronUp to manage an existing rental agreement.
  • User Management – Controls in the Add User interface were refined to give Admins more robust access.


  • Global suppliers were updated. Over 900 new suppliers were added, with over 1200 new branches and locations available for search and addition to Saved Suppliers.
Sam Giffin
Sam Giffin


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