New Feature – Downloadable Reports


We get it – sometimes you just need to download the data from your software for further analysis.

Or, to integrate into your other systems.

Within IronUp, a platform for rented fleet management, that could mean downloading total project costs, rented asset utilization rates, or asset location by calendar day.

With that need in mind, today we are happy to announce the launch of a feature designed to give you access to lots of IronUp data, in one place, with the ability to filter and export to your heart’s content: Downloadable Reports.

New Reports Dashboard

The new Reports dashboard allows users to find available reports based on a variety of subjects and use cases. As you can see from the snapshot below, these use cases run the gamut from user management, asset usage reporting, cost analysis, and more. If you want a deep dive, head over to our product guides and explore reports much further!

Use the Reports dashboard to search through a growing list of reports on your rental operations!

These reports are designed to give you an eagle-eye view of activity across your organization, and provide insights to help you make the best possible decisions with regards to your rented fleet. 

Every report can be filtered and exported for even more analysis!

And as an added benefit, some of these reports can help you eliminate those infinite “Excel email attachments” you know and love.

The best thing about the new Downloadable Reports feature? We’ll be adding new reports based on your feedback. If you have an idea for a report, or a possible modification to an existing report, let us know.

Keep those ideas coming!

Until Next Time,
The IronUp Product Team

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