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Let’s face it – equipment rental operations can be tricky in the best of situations. The worst part is that it’s usually a trial by fire, as you’re working with real assets on real rental contracts with your real supplier partners. 

Wouldn’t it be nice to just have a way to test the waters and learn the workflow before the tracks hit the dirt?

Today, that wish becomes a reality as IronUp launches the Demo Mode. 

Now available for all IronUp Renter users, the Demo Mode allows any user to activate a pre-built environment where renters can learn the ropes of requesting, managing, and closing rental agreements without any risk. 

The Demo Mode is accessible at any time within the application. Users can rotate between different personas with different permission levels, and can even get a glimpse of the Supplier interface – very helpful for those equipment teams working on their on rental fleets, or just as a way to understand what your Supplier partners will see!

All of the data in the Demo Mode experience is sandboxed, which means there’s no danger of sending any emails, renting any equipment, or interfering with any other user’s operations. All data even resets nightly, so users can explore different scenarios at their convenience.

Go ahead and register (it’s free!) and give it a test drive today.

Until Next Time,

The IronUp Product Team

Sam Giffin
Sam Giffin


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