The IronUp Mission

The IronUp Mission


We here at IronUp are champions of those who build.

We admire the effort, ingenuity and grit it takes to build our buildings, our infrastructure, our homes.

Two veterans in the equipment software/data world, Garrett Schemmel and Sam Giffin, are the founders of IronUp and are on a mission to help contractors turn one of the last, great unmanaged processes into a point of pride – their rented fleet.

Here is that mission:

We’ve been in construction tech for nearly a decade (before there was even such a thing as “construction tech”).

During that time, we’ve created solutions for equipment owners, operators and renters, helping them make better decisions – understanding the true cost of equipment, the value of equipment and more. Along the way, we helped thousands of contractors.

At the same time, we noticed a major shift in how contractors utilize equipment – the shift from owned asset utilization to rented asset utilization.

For owned equipment fleets, contractors have a nearly unlimited number of choices to manage maintenance, operations, dispatch and more.

But when it comes to their rented assets (the “rented fleet”), amazingly, they’re reliant on excel or, way too often, written paper.

As we write this, the American rental industry has just surpassed $50 billion in sales. An industry so large, a contractor need so important (millions often spent per year for a medium-size contractor), that something must be done.

That’s why IronUp was born. We are here to help contractors manage their rented fleet like their owned fleet; to proudly professionalize one of the last great unmanaged construction processes.

Although early in our journey, our mission is none other than to make “rented fleet software” a standard part of every contracting organization.

Garrett Schemmel
Garrett Schemmel
CEO and Co-Founder


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