What is Trimble?

Trimble is a large, publicly traded software and hardware business in the construction software and telematics industries.

What else should I know?

Viewpoint is a large software and hardware company that contains a group of businesses helping many parts of the construction ecosystem. They help the following roles within construction:

  • Operations
  • Estimators
  • Equipment Managers
  • Accounting
  • Finance

Does Trimble have software to manage rental equipment for contractors?

As of the time this was written, Trimble does not have any solutions to manage the “rented fleet” for contractors. IronUp, uniquely provides a complete rented fleet management software platform.


Where is Trimble based?

Trimble is based in Sunnyvale, California, USA. Note, many of its subsidiary businesses, like Viewpoint Construction Software, have separate headquarters locations.


Is Trimble a publicly traded company?

Trimble is a publicly traded company and trades under the symbol “TRMB” on the Nasdaq. Current revenues are over $3 billion USD and the total company has over 11,000 employees.


What are Trimble’s products?

Trimble owns a range of products, in multiple industries, which include:

  • Viewpoint Construction Software
  • Trimble GPS
  • Sitech
  • Kuebix
  • TMW
  • e-Builder


What are Trimble alternatives?

Depending on the product, there are several alternatives to Trimble products.

Overall, the primary alternatives to Trimble are:

These alternative software platforms are primarily construction project management software and construction equipment telematics solutions.

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