Total Controls by United Rentals

Total Controls by United Rentals

What is Total Controls by United Rentals?

Total Controls is a software platform, created by United Rentals for medium to large fleet customers, that enables improved rented fleet management.

What else should I know?

Total Controls, built and provided by United Rentals, is a software platform that is available to renters of United Rentals.

It is a SaaS (web-based) platform that allows users to manage:

  • RFQs / requisitions
  • Manage on-rent assets
  • Invoice management
  • Alerts and notifications
  • Reports

Does United Rentals Allow Other Rental Suppliers Assets in the System?

No. United Rentals does not allow any other rental suppliers to provide rented equipment through Total Control.


Can I Send RFQs to Other Suppliers Through Total Control?

Yes, you can send RFQs, or requisitions as named in the platform, directly to United Rentals.


Is there an alternative to Total Control?

As of the time this article was written, there was not comparable system offered by another rental supplier, including the Nationals.

The issue with a rental company-supplied software platform, like Total Control, is that it will always fall short of the true needs and scope of a rented fleet management platform because of its rental supplier bias. Contractors must have a rented fleet management platform that is not owned and maintained by a supplier. For your owned equipment, is your CMMS / ERP platform also provided by the manufacturer and dealer? No, it’s not.

It’s time to onboard fleet management software for not just owned, but also rented assets. Check out the IronUp platform’s features.


Does Total Controls Provided a Supplier CRM, like IronUp?

No, Total Controls does not provide a Supplier CRM, like IronUp. IronUp’s CRM allows for the documentation of contacts, branch performance, branch notes, performance scores, and more, for every supplier that they do business with.


Does Total Controls have an RFQ builder, like IronUp?

They do not.


Does Total Controls have a total cost forecaster, like IronUp?

They do not.


Does Total Controls allow for management of equipment by internal project name and number, like IronUp?

They do not.


There are countless features that Total Controls does not have, that IronUp does have. Why? Because IronUp is a rented fleet management platform built with the renter in mind. YOU.


About IronUp

IronUp is a Rental Supplier and Equipment Management Platform, enabling contractors to manage all rental procurement, operations, billing and analytics in one place for all of your rental suppliers.

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