EAM Software for Construction Equipment

EAM Software for Construction Equipment

What is EAM Software for Construction Equipment?

EAM Software, or Enterprise Asset Management Software, is a critical infrastructure software platform that helps asset-focused organizations efficiently manage their assets or fleets. Within construction organizations, EAM Software for Construction Equipment allows contractors to better manage their owned fleet. Traditionally, no software has existed to manage their rented fleet.

What else should I know?

The traditional benefits of Enterprise Asset Management Software include:

  • Integrated procurement processes
  • Improved asset reliability
  • Logged asset history, including maintenance notes
  • Reduced legal and productivity risks
  • Reduced operating costs

Within the construction industry, EAM software has a more specific purpose due to the nuances of construction equipment, which include:

  • Mobile assets, making asset tracking more difficult
  • Often unpredictable internet and cellular connectivity
  • The use of rented equipment, with unpredictable data connections and utilization tracking

The rising utilization of rented equipment is  the largest trend impacting EAM Software in the construction industry.

IronUp, the rented fleet management software platform, addresses many of the traditional weaknesses of EAM software when it comes to construction equipment. Ironup’s unique features, which include the ability to manage procurement, operations, billing as well as provide critical analytics around projects and assets, make it the ideal EAM software platform for construction equipment.

Note – EAM software for construction equipment often goes by the name CMMS for Construction Equipment.


The Impact of AI on EAM Software

With the rise of IoT and AI, EAM software is pushing forth into new capabilities as the platforms begin to focus on automated and predictive features. AI is elevating EAM software platforms to provide predictive insights, reducing human support, and proactively identifying asset failure.

About IronUp

IronUp is a Rental Supplier and Equipment Management Platform, enabling contractors to manage all rental procurement, operations, billing and analytics in one place for all of your rental suppliers.

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