CMMS for Construction Equipment

CMMS for Construction Equipment

What is a CMMS for Construction Equipment?

A CMMS for Construction Equipment (Computerized Maintenance Management System) is a software platform that allows a construction company (contractor) to digitally manage all assets, through their lifecycle, in their owned equipment fleet. Traditionally, CMMS platforms have not been able to manage the rented fleet assets.

What else should I know?

A CMMS for Construction Equipment is a digital software platform – on-premise, web-based or mobile app-based – that allows equipment managers to manage the full lifecycle of the assets in their fleet. The platforms allow for optimal lifecycling of assets, lower total ownership and operating costs, and strong documentation of critical records.


Examples of CMMS Software for the Owned Fleet

Many solutions exist for management of the owned fleet. Here, classic needs revolve around maintenance, work order management, and records documentation.

A few examples of notable platforms for owned fleet CMMS include:

  • HCSS
  • B2W
  • Fleetio (trucking)

A CMMS for construction equipment reduces the need for human input. It works by creating alerts and warning indicators to prevent equipment failures.  Managers can automate and schedule maintenance using the software. The system can track the performance and health of the machinery without requiring the workforce to report or inspect it. This is done through automatic sensors and IoT devices.


The Lack of CMMS Software for the Rented Fleet

As already mentioned, CMMS platforms for owned fleet assets are a common solution. But over the past decade or more, contractors have switched a majority of equipment utilization from owned assets to rented assets. In this new world, contractors have found themselves unable to manage their rented fleets well, lacking a holistic view of activity; running suboptimal operations; lacking strong service communications and unable to manage all invoices.

IronUp is the solution – the CMMS for Rented Construction Equipment.


Other Important Features of the CMMS Platform

Productivity Tracking

Tracking asset productivity is critical. Since professional organizations invest in assets to drive revenue, knowing productivity translates directly to an understanding of ROI, and investment success.


Comprising both preventative and reactive maintenance, maintenance processing is probably the most classic responsibility of a construction equipment CMMS. This includes the total workflow for maintenance – workflow orders, cost tracking, asset-specific documentation – for both planned and unplanned maintenance.

Site Management

Site Managers – superintendents, foreman, construction managers – can request and manage the equipment needed through the CMMS platform.

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IronUp is a Rental Supplier and Equipment Management Platform, enabling contractors to manage all rental procurement, operations, billing and analytics in one place for all of your rental suppliers.

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